OCB Roanoke Star

Stage Photography 

Congratulations! You have worked hard and made the necessary steps and sacrifices to get your body in the best shape to make it to the stage! To have made it to this point you are already a winner!

Having your fitness journey documented means you will have a visual reminder of all the feelings you have experienced and an accurate way to visually see your growth. Having professional high quality images allows you to make prints to hang on your walls, use on your business cards or what ever else you may desire. 

Photography for one athlete includes:

     - $80 - Prepaid for services, delivered as high resolution digital images. Fewer images will be captured of competitors who do not pre-order. 

     - Group Comparisons 

     - Individual Posing Routine

     - Awards


CLICK HERE  to download and print the order form.

CLICK HERE to view your images now! (Link will become active after the competition)

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